Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oppose a National Sales Tax / Fair Tax

Although eliminating the IRS and substituting it with a National Sales Tax SOUNDS like a great idea, it would be one of the biggest con jobs on the United States citizens in history.  It would be even bigger than the unlawful creation of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the little-known truth that the Federal Reserve actually CREATED The Great Depression.  

To begin with, the IRS was deemed by The Supreme Court to be unconstitutional.  Not just once, but twice.  Second, the Constitution does not allow for a tax on personal income  -- only on corporate profits...  and even those have to be uniform, across the board, for all companies, regardless of size or revenue.  Yet, the IRS has created a complex tax code, much longer than the Constitution, but defying it at every turn,  creating opportunities for abuse by those who have the means to take advantage of it, and room for error by those who don't...  which, by the way, according to the IRS, constitutes criminal charges of fraud and is punishable by imprisonment and theft of assets.

So, in essence, we would be volunteering for a tax that would be Constitutional, thinking that we were lucky because we had eliminated another tax...  but that tax is ALREADY illegal!

Even worse, a National Sales Tax could equal anywhere from 18 - 32 %.  And that is ON TOP OF any local or state sales tax, any hotel tax, any luxury tax, any "punitive" tax, such as those on cigarettes, and, of course, on top of any gasoline tax.

Not to mention that the Senate and Congress can come back and raise it.

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