Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Wish List of Eleven

The Eleven Posts immediately below this one represent my eleven most passionate hopes for our country and for the restructuring of our government.  Folks, we don't have to take our abusive, duplicitous, thieving government anymore.  Our government constantly strives to limit our freedoms and police our moralities, all while they take more and more of our hard-earned dollars...  and with no true accountability and even less responsibility.  Please...  agree with me, discuss with me, disagree with me, argue with me, or even get mad at me...  as long as you care.  Please do not get apathetic about the issues or simply resolve to merely "vote for the lesser of two evils".


Anonymous said...

George, I agree to much of this. As a homeschooler, it burns me to know that I pay school taxes which my children will never benefit from. But it is a small price to pay to keep the Government from sticking their meddling hands into how we choose to educate our children. We have the freedom to allow our children to follow their passions and interests to determine their life and career paths. Is the US Government perfect? No way! But as bad as it is, we enjoy alot more freedoms than zee stinking French or the Brits or any other nation in the world! God Bless America!


George Dewey said...

Yes, Chris, you are correct. America IS great! However, it's not going to stay great if we don't wake up and realize what is and has been going on around us. Your post actually speaks volumes about just how much government intervention we have in our lives. People are willing to literally throw away roughly $3K to $6K per year to "keep the Government from... meddling... [so] we have the freedom to allow our children to follow their passions and interests." And that, my friend, is the whole problem. That is the exact opposite of less government, more freedom. This country was founded on the principles of a weak, decentralized government; founded on the concepts of Liberty for the people. Instead, we have a fat, bloated government which taxes us and intimidates us. When does it stop? When we get to an 85% tax rate and our government collapses. The dollar is now barely stronger than the peso. The government can't keep taking and taking from the middle and lower class, bailing out bankrupted companies and industries; all the while, continuously eroding our freedoms. We will not survive as a free market (or free anything) nation if we continue down this path. I invite anyone to watch even 20 minutes of "Freedom To Fascism". It's a fantastic wake-up call. I also have several DVD's of it if anyone wants to borrow them. Thanks for listening!